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Registration and Sale of Firms in Estonia

Legal and corporate support, opening a bank account and obtaining a tax number.


E-residency provides unique opportunities for conduct business and work in Estonia and the European Union.

Internal Audit

Risk management and evaluation of enterprise performance is aimed to reduce losses and improve the efficiency of systems and processes.

Tax Advises

Tax planning considers the tax consequences of business decisions, usually with the aim of minimizing tax liabilities.

Financial Consulting

Analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise and the cost-benefit evaluation of projects ensures successful development.

Business Consulting

Supporting of business of the enterprise, drawing up documents and solving daily problems.

Accounting Support

Arrangement and maintenance of accounting records and reports preparing is essential for an enterprise of any scale.

Training Courses

Attending courses and seminars increases awareness and contributes to successful management of business and enterprise.




Our specialists are high level professionals who constantly improve their competence


Accounting courses for entrepreneurs

Since July 09, 2021 SatellesFinance OÜ is entitled to run accounting courses. This type of our activity has been accepted by the Ministry of Education (Activity report No. 224642). Read more...

Customer care

For our team, a high quality level of provided services is always the goal. We make sure that our partners get the desired result, performing even the most difficult tasks. Observance of confidentiality under any circumstances is our priority.

Wide range of services

In addition to consulting services, we help to create and develop enterprises, represent your interests before financial and government institutions. Our partners can be foreign legal entities and individuals wishing to conduct business in Estonia and the European Union.